Ugly Kid Joe celebrates 25th anniversary of America’s Least Wanted – Bataclan – 05.05.2018

English Version Début 90, « les sales gosses » californians d’Ugly Kid Joe avaient connu un succès fulgurant avec l’EP - As Ugly as They Wanna Be et surtout, avec leur premier album America’s Least Wanted, sorti en 1992 et porté par 2 morceaux /vidéos qui tournaient en boucle sur MTV - Everything About You... Continue Reading →

“Ain’t Always Easy”- STONE BROKEN – interview with Robyn Haycock in Paris

Version Française “Heavy, Melodic, Catchy”- this is how the lovely red head drummer of Stone Broken, Robyn Haycock, describes their second album, “Ain’t Always easy”, released on 2nd of March 2018 at Spinefarm Records and produced by Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Bring Me the Horizon). Revealed in 2014 with the self-produced EP “The Crow Flies”, the... Continue Reading →

Deaf Havana and Dinosaur Pile-Up – Live Report – Backstage by the Mill, Paris 23.03.2017

(EN) Deaf Havana were in Paris on March 23, 2017, to defend their new album "All these countless nights". An album that I love (I’ve already talked about it here when I met the singer James Veck-Gilodi) and a band that I haven’t yet seen on stage…two good reasons to go to the O'Sullivan -... Continue Reading →

Garbage, Salle Pleyel, Paris – 5.11.2016 Live Report

(EN) All about Shirley: This should have been the most appropriate title for the Garbage Saturday night show at Salle Pleyel, the freshly reopened lovely art deco venue in Paris. Almost at the end of a big tour supporting their latest album “Strange Little Birds” released in June 2016, the American cult band, arrived finally... Continue Reading →

Revue de Presse

Les meilleures choses qui arrivent  en septembre sont  dans la mode. D’abord  les magazines qui annoncent  les tendances de  l’automne/  hiver, ensuite les  fashion weeks - New York – London – Milan – Paris  avec  les propositions de créateurs pour le printemps/ été 2014. Comme d’habitude,   j’ai fait le plein de beau papier  glacé avec... Continue Reading →

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