Hell of A Ride – «Nine of Cups» – Interview with Noré

Last fall, HOAR released an excellent second album, Nine of Cups, recorded between France and the United States and which reveals a clear evolution of their sound : a successful mix of big metal sound with rock, pop and electro “samples”. Check out the interview and find out more

The King Welcomes the Parisians in AVATAR country – Live Report – 14.03.2018

(English Version) Avatar et sa majesté, le Roi du Pays d’Avatar, ont accueilli les Parisiens dans leur royaume improvisé au Trianon, le 14 mars 2018, et les a bénis avec un show spectaculaire qui affichait complet. C’était mon premier concert du puissant groupe de métal suédois et je dois dire, que cette visite au royaume... Continue Reading →

“Virgin Mother Funk” by In Search of Sun – Interview with Adam Leader

  Version Française 2017 was for me a year full of awesome musical discoveries. A lot of new great almost unknown bands in France join my playlist. One of them is In Search Of Sun, a London-based alternative rock quintet. Collecting the opening for groups such as Bullet For My Valentine, Funeral For a Friend,... Continue Reading →

Gutterdammerung – Review – Paris, 10.02.2017

(EN) What is Gutterdammerung, the mysterious "loudest silent movie on Earth"? Well, last Friday, I went to see it at the Elysee Montmartre in Paris and here some thoughts and pictures... It's a spectacular movie-concert, the merger of a black and white film, inspired by the Hollywood 20s silent cinema, and a rock concert. An... Continue Reading →


(English) Star Wars Identities at La Cité du Cinéma is the exhibition you should not miss this summer especially, if you're fans of the Saga like me. An impressive collection of costumes, models, accessories and conceptual drawings of Star Wars will enable you to meet all the unforgettable characters and enter  in the univers of... Continue Reading →

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