The King Welcomes the Parisians in AVATAR country – Live Report – 14.03.2018

(English Version) Avatar et sa majesté, le Roi du Pays d’Avatar, ont accueilli les Parisiens dans leur royaume improvisé au Trianon, le 14 mars 2018, et les a bénis avec un show spectaculaire qui affichait complet. C’était mon premier concert du puissant groupe de métal suédois et je dois dire, que cette visite au royaume... Continue Reading →

Kaiser Chiefs, Trianon, Paris – 02.11.2016 Live Report

(EN) Wednesday evening, Kaiser Chiefs was in Paris to defend their sixth album “Stay Together”. My surprise was big when I found the beautiful hall of the Trianon not so crowded. Why? Was it because the fans have really hated this new album, so bad rated by the musical press (too superficial, too sweety pop,... Continue Reading →

Bloc Party – New Record, Interview and Live Pictures in Paris – March 2016

The British indie rock band, Bloc Party are back with an excellent new record, the fifth one, called Hymns, released end of January 2016. 13 years of career and they proved once again with Hymns, their incredible skills and capacity to constantly reinvent themselves, their permanent searching for new horizons. More mature and personal, this... Continue Reading →

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