Dead Weather – Dodge and Burn – because this new incredible album is killing it : Alison Mosshart is still the greatest female rock voice ever and Jake White a total genius.

The Libertines – Anthems for Doomed Youth – because this comeback album is much more greater that I reasonable expected…totally, worth to wait for it.

Run The Jewels – Moew the Jewels – because I started my Hip Hop education and this album is so Cool. These guys accepted the chalange to make a cat sound remix of their album Run The Jewels 2. Moew is available in free download, all the benefits go to charity

Check this

Imagine Dragons – Smoke and Mirrors – because this album is great, even better then their debut album… Friction and Dream totaly jems.

Interpol – El Pintor – because this album has 1 year already and still cannot get enough of its awesomeness, it’s really so essential to my mind, constantly alive, running around in my head…

Julian Plenti is…Skyscraper – because everytime I listen it, I found something new and fabulous in these songs, I’m kind of trapped inside this beautiful music and not trying to find my way out … and obviously training myself for a future Paul Banks album…hopefully soon.

Pixies – Wave of Mutilation – because it’s been longtime and suddenly missing their stunning sound.

Duran Duran – Paper Gods – because the New Wave boys are back and still kicking with a great, vibrant, elaborated sound and some top collaborations : Mark Ronson, Nile Rodgers….

Stereophonics – Keep the Village Alive – because this album is reliable and solid, a kind of back to their energetic roots, pretty slightly husky voice and lots of good vibes …I wanna get lost with you it’s the only thing I wanna do…

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