Albums and Concerts – Best of 2019

The end of 2019 is approaching, the time of the traditional "Best Of". A difficult mission as it was a very rich musical year with great releases and awesome concerts. Here there are the 10 best albums and the 10 best concerts on Have a Great end 2019 and a Fantastic 2020! Best of... Continue Reading →

METALLICA Electrifying Stade de France – 12.05.2019

  << Click Here For English Version >> Récemment, j’ai lu plusieurs articles qui signalaient « la mort de la guitare électrique » et affirmaient que la musique rock est « une musique de vieux ». Bon, rien de neuf, car il y a longtemps que j’entends le même discours - le « Rock is Dead » et j’en ai parlé... Continue Reading →

September Playlist

Fall is coming ...September...the month of a new job, new look, new life, new love ...or... just keep the old ones and go forward !  A Play List including a little bit of this and that... Nothing More - Still in Love - New Album "The stories we tell ourselves" is Now Out Prophets... Continue Reading →


Yeah vacation !!! Summer vacation, so much expected...nothing to do, no stress, no deadlines, just some good books and movies and looooot of great music...Relax, let the time flies and enjoy the goods vibes. Here it is just a tiny selection in my playlist  BANKS  & STEELZ - the Fab hip hop + indie rock... Continue Reading →

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