November Playlist & Gigs in Paris

Welcome to November 2017, THE Greatest Rock N’ Roll month ever in Paris.

Only some days away of  the amazing gigs that we were all waiting for with so much impatience since the end of the summer ! Time flys and here we are !

Certainly, it will be less joyful and fabulous than expected as the Canadian band, Bleeker, announced the cancellation of their tour in France for unforeseen logistical issues.

Hopefully, they will be back in the spring of 2018 with some brand-new material and an awesome tour!  Looking forward for their announcement …Fingers crossed!

So, let’s enjoy this month playlist and the maximum possible number of gigs  …Sooo Busssyyyy!!!

Queens of the Stone Age – “The Evil Has Landed” –  gig on 7 the November – Accor  Hotel Arena, Paris

Royal Blood – “I only Lie when I love you” – gig on 9th of November Zenith de Paris

Prophets of Rage – “Take Me higher” –  gig on 10th of November – Zenith de Paris

Slaves – “Take Control” – gig on 11th  November – Zenith de Paris

Kasabian – “I’m in Love with a Phsyco”- gig on 11th November – Zenith de Paris

Texas – “Can’t control” – gigs 7,8,9th November – at Olympia, Paris

MNNQNS – “Next Time I try” – gig on 13th of November at Trabendo and several dates in France

Helloween – “Keeper of the Seven Keys” – 15th of November, Zénith , Paris

The NoFace – “I am over you” – 16th of November Les Etoiles, Paris and several dates in France- check out their site

The Craftmen Club – “La Route” – new album “Colores” on 10th of November and gig on 21st of November au Petit Bain, Paris and several dates in France

TriggerFinger – “That’ll Be the Day” – 25th of November – Elysee Montmartre

Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – “Backfire” – new album release on 3rd of November – Gig on 29th of November – La Maroquinerie , Paris

Royal Thunder – “Wick” –  gig on 30th of November 2017 – Les Etoiles, Paris

In Search Of Sun – “In the Garden”- their excellent album “Virgin Funk Mother “ is out now

Bleeker – “Close My Eyes” – new album for 2018



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