Here some of my listenings these latest weeks:

First, the 2 newcomers in my music library:

SUNSET SONS – Surfing & Indie Rocking, description in 3 words of this new British-Australian band. Their debut album Very Rarely Say Die is Just Awesome  – more details about them will come soon here. In the meantime, you can check their web site for tour dates, new album and some free download.

LUX LISBON – another lovely indie pop rock British sound, fun and refreshing  – their first record Get Some Scars – is also in free download on their site.

Second, the others…

PLACEBO – Unplugged – simply adore their amazing unplugged sound

INTERPOL – Antics – still my favourite ever – my “Madeleine de Proust “, if time is my vessel, then learning to love might be my way back to sea…

DAVID BOWIE  – The Rise and the fall of Ziggy Stardust – the phenomena, the icon, the beginning of everything … Wham Bam Thank you Genius…Miss you

FOALS – What went down – because of its crazy energetic sound

EDITORS – In Dream – this album is a Dream dark, powerful and hypnotic

THE KILLS – Keep on the Mean Side – as I can’t wait for the new record on 3rd of June 2016

BLOC PARTY – Hymns – More I listen More I love it – check my previous post…

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