Musically speaking, for me, 2015 seems to go around Interpol. No, not the Intergovernmental organization but the excellent New York indie rock band.

Currently on tour, after the release of their fifth album, El Pintor, they were in Paris, for 2 explosive nights at Olympia Hall and they will be back for Rock en Seine festival end of August 2015.

Olympia Hall 28012015

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Issued from the post punk revival scene, and often compared with Joy Division, they recorded 4 albums: Turn on the bright lights(2002), Antics(2004), Our love to admire(2007), Interpol(2010) as a quartet with Paul Banks(singer, guitar), Daniel Kessler(guitar), Sam Fogarino(drums) and Carlos Dengler (bass guitar).

Then in 2010, the iconic bassist Dengler left and lots of people started to wonder what is going to happen with Interpol as Carlos was a great part of the group and his bass parts inevitables.

But the guys returned in studio, Paul taking over bass duties, and El Pintor saw the light in September 2014- the 5the album but in a way the first one, a kind of new departure.

El Pintor is the anagram of Interpol but also means “ The Painter “ in Spanish.

And really, EL PINTOR  ES UNA PINTURA, the perfect sound and poetry painted on a canavas using crazy bursts of guitars, layering pulsing bass, master drums and a magical voice as paint brushes.

As this is Interpol: a melancholic and romantic sound, a combination of throbbing thrilling bass, stylish, slithering, laser sharp guitars, dynamic driving beat drums and a unique, deep, powerful voice, one of the most beautiful of all time rock history.

This elegant, smooth sound, waiving a kind of darkness is wrapping around, provokes, surrounds you. Beautiful lyrics are emotions, feelings, love, life, time, ideas or addictions…somehow, listening we feel concerned, related, inspired…

Paul’s fabulous voice and this thrilling sound fascinated me from the every minute I heard it. Years ago, while Antics went out, I become an unconditional fan, loving each album or appearance on videos and on stage.

Brilliant performers, these guys are always elegant, wearing suits and ties, hats, sunglasses, black & white, they have this smart, classy New York style.

Definitelly, Interpol is  the most stylish  indie rock band. Cant’s wait to see them soon …

Next time,  I’ll talk about their side projects – for now, here some sound &vision

“Through the storms and the light

Babe you stood by my side

and life is wine

But there are days in this life when you see teeth marks  of time

two lovers divides…”

“I keep falling maybe half the time, but it’s all the rage back home…”

“if time is a vessel , then learning to love might be my back way to sea…”

“It’s up to me now turn on the bright lights”


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